Billionaire possibly hung up woman

World December 16, 2017 20:12

toronto - In the case of the dead billionaire Barry Sherman and his wife Honey, the police investigate the possibility of a murder, followed by suicide. Their bodies were found hanging from a balustrade by the pool in a basement.

The case keeps busy with the emotions in Canada. Sherman was founder of the pharmaceutical company Apotex, which says in a statement to be shocked. The couple was found by a broker who was busy selling the house. Sherman had just put his villa for sale for $ 7 million.

The police now look at the theory that Barry Sherman (75) first murdered his 70-year-old wife and hung her up, and then hung herself. According to the police, there are no signs of burglary. No farewell note was found.

The couple, according to family members, have just welcomed a new grandchild. Honey Sherman would have sent an email to friends this week to ask when they could see each other in Florida. 'I am from 18 December, Barry is the 25th', the mail is quoted in the The Globe. 'We are going back together on January 12. Please let me know what your preferences are, then I will put them in the calendar. '

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