Beul comes to life at a new football club

Beul comes to life at a new football club

World September 19, 2017 06:30

badhoevedorp - Childhood is easy to play after you have been ravaged by an amateur association by a violence incident.

It appears that the man who kicked an opponent on Sunday in an amateur field seems to be roared earlier. He joined a new association under his mother's last name.

It is Sunday afternoon. Under a watery September sun, VVH / Velserbroek plays against SC Badhoevedorp. The home team stand by 6-0 and the match is almost over as Jur Swier, central defender of VVH, a 35-year-old Amsterdammer bounces down. Infringement.

The referee whistles, but the attacker is not satisfied. He cries out and Swier shovels off the skins. When it falls to the ground, he repeats again: Swier's head becomes full. In the hospital it would appear that he has a brain shake. The attacker is arrested by an agent who watched football in his spare time.

'What exactly happened, I do not know,' explains Jur Swier to The Telegraph. 'It has passed quickly. 'He was investigated, but had to go home again. There is a lot to him now. He does not know the perpetrator. 'It seems that he has been sent to club A with his father's last name, and then reported to club B with his mother's last name. '

Club B is thus SC Badhoevedorp, and club A would be by CTO '70 CTO '70 from Duivendrecht. However, both clubs refuse to respond in substance. CTO '70 knows nothing, and Badhoevedorp wants to get together with the board to discuss the matter. Also the home club VVH wants little to lose. The treasurer reports that it's 'bad enough' that such an incident has occurred. 'This was an individual incident. Fortunately, the victim is doing well. '

Swier has to take it easy for a while before he can stand on the field again. 'I'm assuming a quick recovery,' he says.

But how big is the chance that he will encounter a player who has been ravaged by another club? Basically small, the KNVB reports: because if a player is being bullied at a club due to a violence incident during a contest within the lines, clubs must pass on to the KNVB. It then goes to punishment: a football ban for a certain or indefinite period.

'If a player joins a new club, he must identify himself,' says a footballer's spokesman. 'At least: it is CPSR policy that the association controls the identity of the aspiring member. That can be done in a variety of ways. '

Indeed, on the website of SC Badhoevedorp, where you can become a member by filling in a form, everything is asked. But nowhere for example, a copy of an ID card, with which the identity can be checked. '

The KNVB is still investigating whether the head-kicker of SC Badhoevedorp has already been roared by another club. 'The bottom stone must be above,' says the spokesman. But also: 'Royement does not always have to be notified to the KNVB. If it happens through a conflict with the club, we stand outside. 'Police are also investigating the 35-year-old Amsterdammer.

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