Better consultation Microsoft and antivirus companies

Better consultation Microsoft and antivirus companies

Tech August 10, 2017 10:18

redmond - Microsoft will better communicate with antivirus companies in the future. That lets the company know in a company blog. The step prevents Microsoft from complaining about Kaspersky. That concern had accused Microsoft of distortion of competition.

Anti-virus software makers, such as Kaspersky, have already complained that it's difficult to keep their content up to date because Microsoft communicates badly about updates and changes in the operating system. Microsoft has taken this criticism firmly and says it works more closely with the antivirus companies. For example, updates will only be rolled out if the companies have had the opportunity to customize their software for the feature updates. Also, companies are kept informed about future updates.

Kaspersky found that Microsoft with Windows Defender tried to ward off other security products and therefore wanted to charge Microsoft. The steps taken by the group now cause the Russian company to run the case.

To accommodate antivirus products makers, Microsoft will update Windows 10 so that companies can easily post notifications about their software in the operating system. For example, they can warn users if their subscription expires.

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