Berlusconi gets 60 million from ex

World November 16, 2017 17:09

milan - Veronica Lario, former wife of Italian ex-Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, is expected to change her lifestyle.

A court of appeal in Milan ruled Thursday that the 61-year-old Lario must repay 60 million euros in unfairly received alimony to Berlusconi.

The court came to the same judgment as a lower court in May this year. That court stated that wives in divorce do not have to be guaranteed that they can maintain a certain lifestyle.

Berlusconi and Lario split up in 2009. The separation was completed five years later. Since then, the billionaire had to transfer 1.4 million euros every month to his ex. That is now expiring.

The couple has three children together. The 81-year-old Berlusconi now has a relationship with the more than 48 years younger Francesca Pascale.

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