Berlin wants severe penalties for burglars

Berlin wants severe penalties for burglars

World May 10, 2017 12:15

berlin - The German government is working on minimum sentences of one year's cell for perpetrators of home burglary. She has submitted the plans Wednesday. In the current law, a packed burglar can still escape by half a year.

Minister of Justice Heiko Maas believes that burglars are generally punished too lightly because 'burglary in private homes is a crime that deeply engages in the victims' experience and can have traumatic consequences.'

In the current process, a process of burglary takes into account in particular the financial damage and insufficient psychological consequences. According to Maas, Justice must also have access to information about, for example, the internet communication of a suspect of burglary. Justice wants to increase the package and try to try suspects faster.

Maas also proposes more assistance to victims in the prospect, such as subsidy for recovery of the damage. In addition, more money has to be stopped in police personnel and better burglary prevention.

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