Belgium tightens asylum to

Belgium tightens asylum to

World October 23, 2015 15:46

brussels - Belgium also takes measures to make it more attractive for refugees to seek asylum there. As asylum seekers should soon sign a declaration in which they indicate that they comply with European rights, duties, values ​​and freedoms.

Recognized refugees receive no unlimited residence permit, but a term of five years. For applications for family reunification is taken more time. The government also decided that four months after the arrival of refugees allowed to go to work. It is now six months.

The declaration to be signed seekers is no " binding ", paper stressed Secretary of State for Asylum and Migration Theo Francken Friday. They need to include equality between men and women and freedom of speech and endorse religion and the separation of church and state, and respect for sexual orientation. Refusal to sign the document can affect an application for asylum, naturalization and family reunification.

Furthermore circulated proposals to limit the allowances for new immigrants. Vlaams Belang hopes in Flanders covers to get a majority in parliament.

In France, asylum seekers have been longer sign a statement. In the Netherlands, a trial of a so-called participatory explanation for newcomers, which they are informed of their rights and obligations and the fundamental values ​​of Dutch society. Minister Lodewijk Asscher think that contributes to the integration of migrants.

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