Belgium monitors 45 'hate preachers'

World December 1, 2017 12:45

brussels - The Belgian authorities closely monitor the trade and walking of 45 Islamic preachers. Fourteen of these so-called hate preachers come from abroad. They are included in the database of 'foreign terrorist fighters' of anti-terrorist organization OCAD.

It contains 78 so-called 'homegrown terrorists' alongside Syria fighters. These are people who have a link with Belgium and want to commit an attack or are suspected of supporting terrorism.

'They are being followed by the services more strictly than ever', said Minister of the Interior and Security Jan Jambon. The government has adopted the law that allows this Friday. Intelligence services, investigative services and judicial authorities can obtain information from the database about people who have left or are planning to move to conflict zones in Syria or Iraq.

The government defines hate preachers as people who 'harm democracy or human rights, justify the use of force or coercion and share this belief with others with the intention of exerting a radicalizing influence. 'Their nationality or whereabouts are not relevant, but there must be a' connecting factor 'with Belgium.

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