Belgium confirms: nuclear power plants close in 2025

Belgium confirms: nuclear power plants close in 2025

World March 30, 2018 15:54

brussels - The two Belgian nuclear power stations in Doel and Tihange will close in 2025. Only if the shortage of electricity could become apparent in the coming years could it be decided to extend the lifespan anyway.

The government parties reached an agreement on an energy strategy in which this agreement was recorded. There are many concerns about the safety of the reactors in the neighboring countries, including the Netherlands.

The closure in 2025 was already foreseen, but lately the N-VA, the largest government party, suggested to keep the power stations open longer. The party was given the guarantee that energy prices would not rise and remain comparable with surrounding countries.

In order to cope with the closure of the power stations and to meet the Paris climate requirements, the government is investing fully in renewable energy, for example by setting up more wind farms in the North Sea.

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