Belgium can expand faster criminal country

Belgium can expand faster criminal country

World July 7, 2016 16:30

brussels - People with a residence permit in Belgium who commit a serious crime, can now be deported quickly. For example, it is possible to withdraw the right of residence of a person who was born in Belgium or came in for his twelfth the country, but does not have the Belgian nationality. This,, radical 'proposal was accepted by the Belgian Council of Ministers on Thursday.

Some foreigners who had committed murder, rape or terrorism could not be deported, explained Minister Theo Francken (Asylum) increasing. As an example, he mentioned,, Abdeslam terrorist Salah, born in Belgium, but of French nationality '.,, But also the twenty Syriëstrijders that if alien has an unlimited right to reside in Belgium because they were born here. ''

Their immunity is abolished, says Francken. They can now quickly to their country of origin expelled.
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