Belgians peeped through hacked cameras'

Belgians peeped through hacked cameras'

World August 12, 2016 07:03

brussels - The world can be stolen by eavesdropping via hacked cameras in more than a hundred Belgian living rooms, cafes and offices. A Russian website spreads the newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws illegally live images of privécamera's.

on the site according to the newspaper privébeelden from around the world online. The journalists saw among other things how a woman unsuspectingly on her computer working in a living room and the nurses helped elderly people in a nursing Brussels.

The website would be a gold mine for criminals. They can tell when people come home, what kind of car they drive, or if a trader makes his empty cash register.
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The Belgian government has angrily reacted to the disclosure. Secretary of State Philippe De Backer (Privacy) has computer specialists from the federal police called to intervene.

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