Belgian lawyer wants death penalty for terrorists

Belgian lawyer wants death penalty for terrorists

World August 2, 2016 07:57

- The Belgian lawyer Pol Vandemeulebroucke wants the death penalty introduced for terrorists.

'If society wants to permanently broken, deserves the death penalty. I think there little barbaric to,' he says in the Belgian newspaper De Standaard.

The well-known criminal lawyer calls for a debate following the wave of terrorist acts. '' Pets and we will not do it again. 'That is the principle of our criminal law. Thereafter return someone. But in recent years there is another category of crimes occur perpendicular to the criminal law. '
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Vandemeulebroucke think everyone agrees is that terrorists can not just let back into society. He thinks seriously need to be attended what must happen indeed. 'You can argue whether it is morally justifiable, but what's the other option? Do you have to stop them in the ground and in a concrete bunker, where they aired once a day? Without visit until they die on their 75th? I have no moral problem to introduce the death penalty for terrorists whose sole purpose is to disrupt society. '

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