Belgian businessman in discredit after sexist incident

World December 8, 2017 12:42

kortrijk - The Belgian businessman Philippe Cracco has been discredited after a sexist incident. During business days in Kortrijk, he tried to lure customers with a rather striking strip act, accompanied by pornographic images. 'Ah, except for a bit, there was nothing to see', his business partner Lieven Bonamie put the tumult into perspective.

Cracco wanted to arrange customers for his company Jobfixers, his new interim company. The managers of this company call it a 'playful marketing campaign'. This reports Het Laatste Nieuws.

Moreover- according to them- the strip acts took place behind a curtain. And so one could choose to look. However, the organization of Kortrijk Xpo laughs like a farmer with a toothache and wants to adjust the regulations of the business days to prevent this in the future.

For Cracco, known in Belgium for the program The Sky is the Limit, it is not the first time that he has been discredited by a sexist incident. Older women reportedly complained about having to make room for younger colleagues. In addition, the younger 'specimens' were lured with red shoes with high heels.

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