Belgia accidentally throws 32,000 euros away

Belgia accidentally throws 32,000 euros away

World September 11, 2017 20:57

stekene - An elderly couple from Belgium has clashed thousands of euros into cash pots to dump the same flower pots with the 'hard plastic'.

The pair of stuffed savings in envelopes and bags, which were stopped in the flower pots. Last weekend a man brought the jars to the container park without realizing he was throwing 32. 000 euros.

Sunday his wife noticed the mistake. She hurried to the waste company, which had brought the container to St. Niklaas. 'Four people are starting to search,' the company explains.

An hour later all flower pots, with bags of money, were found. 'The couple had been very lucky that the container had not been drained. We do not often do this, please feel free, 'said a spokesman for the waste company, who hit the offer of a reward. 'They can undoubtedly use the money well. '

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