Beijing wakes up in dense smog

Beijing wakes up in dense smog

World January 28, 2017 09:21

beijing - Beijing residents are Saturday woke up in a thick, filthy smog. That was due to the huge amount of fireworks that was chipped during the celebration of the Chinese New Year. The government had insisted on limiting and warned of the consequences, but that fell on deaf ears. Citizens chose gunpowder and pursued as ever for millions in the air.

The Environmental Protection Agency of the capital said that the amount of harmful substances in the air Saturday morning had reached the second highest level in five years. Beijing in 2014 pollution declared war as part of its commitment to address the consequences of decades of unbridled growth with all its consequences for the climate.

Not all actions have immediate success. Attempts to give people clean air be more difficult by heavy industry, heavily dependent on coal, the environment and the need to heat the house in winter. In addition, the fight against the traditional fireworks yielded a defeat this year.

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