Beer Tycoon late village after many, but no money

Beer Tycoon late village after many, but no money

World November 25, 2016 15:06

- The inhabitants of the Spanish village Cerezales del Condado have not received a penny of the deceased owner of the parent company of Corona beer brewery. Various media reported Thursday and Friday that Antonino Fernandez, who left the village in 1949 for Mexico, all 110 residents had left 2 million. Especially the British tabloid press feasted on the story.

But it makes no sense, were both residents and the foundation that the beer boss and his wife to live founded clear Friday. Presumably the canard stems from an article published after his death in the newspaper Diario de León. 'It said that he had more than 200 million has left his family,' said a spokeswoman for the Fundación Cerezales Antonino y Cinia against the British newspaper The Guardian.

But that money will not go to his former fellow villagers. A hangover is to them otherwise no. Fernández has for years invested heavily in his native village. 'Thanks to Don Antonino's gifts we have clean water in our homes, all roads have been repaved and the church is fully restored,' bar owner Maximino Sanchez summed up.

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