Ballot Box Gang ' failed state ' Venezuela

Ballot Box Gang ' failed state ' Venezuela

World December 4, 2015 08:30

caracas - The opposition would be Sunday in the parliamentary elections in Venezuela for the first time can get a majority. The oil-rich socialist country is there and has been disastrous for ' failed state ' baptized. The trouble with forged opposition coalition MUD (Democratic Unity Front Table) seems alternative.

President Nicolás Maduro is also little hopeful about the votes Socialist Party (PSUV) would bring in. He has extra money printing and decreed maximum prices and higher wages. But in a country where inflation is about 185 percent, the pay is so evaporated. Moreover, there are glaring deficiencies. In Venezuela, where larger oil reserves than Saudi Arabia are is almost impossible to include toilet paper, soap, to get flour or drugs.

Maduro wants to know unbeatable. He considers himself heir to the revolution of its predecessor, the flamboyant populist leftist Hugo Chavez, who died in 2013. Maduro threatened the week with " a civilian- military coalition, " To further rule if the opposition wins.

That would be the first time since Chávez in 1999 a " Bolivarian revolution " started. Chavez slammed with petrodollars. The land managed by mismanagement did not get into an economy apart from the oil sector of the ground. The oil sector itself is meanwhile ' fleeced ' by the corrupt government, according to critics of Chávez ' revolution. And low oil prices mean more trouble for the government.

According to the IMF threatens the economy to shrink this year by 10 percent, a sad world record. Many supporters of Chávez could still forgive him for wrongdoing, but " Maduro Chavez is not " they now complain. Under Maduro is also the crime has grown alarmingly. And arranged a link is made between figures of the regime and drug gangs. In 2014 there were 25 000 murders committed, a sad low point.

If Maduro 's party still wins, then he starts to own say December 7 " to radicalize the revolution ". It is not clear what he means, but it is almost certain that the show results in coming days in the complicated electoral system. The opposition would with a slim majority in the 167 seat parliament Maduro can bother you, but to enforce a different policy, a great victory and approximately ninety required seats.

The collapse of the socialist experiment is not a far-from- our- bed-show. Only 60 kilometer sea lies between Venezuela and Willemstad (Curaçao). To distract attention from the problems Maduro searched recently been arguing with neighbors Colombia and Guyana.

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