Babysitter can earn 82,000 euros

Babysitter can earn 82,000 euros

World May 17, 2018 07:24

london - An English couple who wear nannies on the production line is now so desperate that they offer an annual salary of 82,000 euros.

But you have to do something for that. It starts with the knowledge that in the past six months three nannies have left prematurely with the family.

'Our previous one has left us because of the challenging behavior of our children and because they just could not get along with her. To ensure that we now find a perfect candidate, let the children tell us what they want. And this is what they came up with, 'the couple from Leicester writes in an advertisement on Childare. co. uk:

1. We want to play football with them.

2. We want them to play Fortnite and FIFA.

3. We want them to be fun and have no rule and we want to stay up as long as we want.

4. We want to bake cakes every day and always have pizza for dinner.

5. We want them to never be angry with us.

6. They have to do all our homework and we do not want to do any work.

Furthermore, the children write: 'If they are nice to us, we promise that we will not be bad. But when they are screaming or mean, we become angry. '

The advertisement is no joke, at least that can be seen from the communication of the parents after the wish list. 'We realize that having children do everything is not a traditional way of parenting. '

'Although we know that our children are a bit demanding, they are really nice when you get to know them and we hope that we find someone who can fulfill their wishes. '

The new nanny gets it very heavy because the parents are at home every two weeks. And only one of them is with the children three evenings a week.

The new childcare must work 48 hours per week, but will receive more than 82,000 euros per year. And that is almost four times as much as a nanny normally gets in England.

There is also a separate part of the house with its own bedroom and bathroom reserved for her. Furthermore, 28 holiday days plus public holidays.

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