Awareness with dancing tampons in Sweden

Awareness with dancing tampons in Sweden

World October 15, 2015 20:55

stockholm - Swedish television teaches young girls that are quite special way about their periods. In a television clip menstruation is explained on the basis of 'dancing tampons .

In the TV clip sings presenter Alex Hermansson that women " should be proud of their menstruation ," and he praises the period : " Hurrah, hurray for the time of the month " !

Hermansson defends his actions in an interview with Swedish newspaper , in which he says that he thinks it is fine and cool to informally educate people .

Even turned into night club although the Swedish public broadcaster SVT launched the series to educate girls and boys , the video became a huge hit in Sweden . The video quickly became viewed 6 million times, and is even turned into nightclubs , according to the Swedish site The Local.

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