Aviation across Europe is reversing

World November 8, 2017 12:42

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Aviation companies have lost a lot in Europe at the stock market. Air France KLM only dropped 5%.

The aviation companies are the big losers in the European Stoxx Europe 600 Index Wednesday. Throughout the year they performed strongly, Air France KLM booked up to 160% recently. Price fancier lost 8% on value on the stock exchange.

But also Deutsche Lufthanse dropped, with 4.3%, EasyJet lost 3%, IAG 2% and SXTP 1%.

According to analysts of business bank Bernstein, the causes are diverse. At Wizz, it was bad quarterly figures. Investors who have already benefited greatly from the stock market in recent months decide to take a similar profit.

Specifically for Air France KLM, Business Bank HSBC reports that after a five-year high, the group has come up with investors who started selling. This follows just better than expected quarterly results from the aviation combi. HSBC therefore keeps its buying advice open.

According to Bloomberg press office, analysts doubt whether the profitability of aviation companies is still sustainable. A big disappointment for this type of concern is the rising oil price.

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