Author Kinder Surprise investigates child labor

Author Kinder Surprise investigates child labor

World November 23, 2016 19:00

london - His toys in the Kinder Surprise eggs made by children? The Italian company Ferrero investigating whether a Romanian supplier is guilty of child labor. The British tabloid The Sun published earlier this week an article on Romanian families, aided by their sometimes very young children, for a pittance put the toy eggs together.

For every thousand deviled eggs get a family that The Sun interviewed in their own words converted less than 4.50 euros. Families provide the 'slave labor' home.

on the photos to see the Romanians in their living room with large piles of yellow plastic eggs in the back.

'Shocked and deeply troubling '

Ferrero was 'shocked and deeply distressed' and promised to investigate the allegations 'thoroughly. 'The Romanian public prosecutor investigating the case.

Not Ferrero itself, but a subcontractor of the Romanian supplier Romexa SA would hire the creators of the eggs. 'If this is true, we say the contract with the factories concerned to', also promised a manager Romexa.

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