'At night, air becomes lighter and lighter'

World November 22, 2017 19:09

potsdam - Light pollution is increasing. Lamps make the night sky clearer and there is probably no end to that. Outdoor lighting is becoming more efficient, but that does not mean that the power consumption is decreasing.

An international group of scientists has been studying satellite images of the earth for five years. They saw that the amount of light rises by 2 percent every year. The area that is artificially illuminated also grows by 2 percent annually. The increase is happening all over the world, but especially in areas that until now were quite dark. 'Light grows fastest in places where there is not much light,' says German research leader Christopher Kyba.

According to the researchers, the switch to LED lights has less effect than expected. Although these lamps save electricity, so money, but that money is then used to place more lamps, they conclude. The findings are in the scientific journal Science Advances.

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