'Assange is a pervert'

World January 12, 2018 20:27

london - Ecuador is doing frantic efforts to work Wikileaks founder Julian Assange from the embassy in London. There is more to this than purely political reasons: embassy staff have been complaining about the personal hygiene of Assange for a long time.

The International Business Times writes this on the authority of a 'well-informed' source that recently visited the Wikileaks boss. 'It looks like he is not washing well,' says this source.

It is not the first time that Assange receives such criticism. In 2012, Jérémie Zimmerman, a former colleague of the Wikileaks boss, wrote that he sometimes has to be forced to take a shower. 'Sometimes he wears the same clothes for days,' says Zimmerman.

And these are also a greasy clothes, because according to an assistant from Assange he has the habit not to use cutlery and to wipe his hands after his meal on his pants. 'I have never seen such greasy pants of my life as his. '

Assange has been in the embassy of Ecuador for years. In the first instance to prevent extradition to Sweden because of a rape case, but the denunciation has now withdrawn the Scandinavian country. The WikiLeaks founder is now worried that the British want to hand him over to the United States.

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