Asbestos Disease helpers Thatcher

Asbestos Disease helpers Thatcher

World June 22, 2016 22:30

london - The rescuers who pulled the British prime minister Margaret Thatcher in Brighton in the hotel blown up by the IRA in 1984, taking on asbestos diseases. Police have informed them about the danger because one of the rescuers is deceased an asbestos-induced disease, writes The Daily Telegraph.

Also present at the time members of Thatcher's Conservative Party, members of the local hospital and municipal officials from Brighton received a warning letter. After the bombing, they may be exposed to dangerous asbestos particles.

Extremists of the Irish Republican Army spent 32 years ago, a bomb exploded in front of the hotel in the British seaside resort where Thatcher was staying. Five people died. The conservative prime minister was not hurt, but remained in her bathroom little about.
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