'Arrests harm fight against cybercrime '

'Arrests harm fight against cybercrime '

Tech February 9, 2017 09:00

moscow - Russian Cyber ​​security guards do not dare to work more closely with their colleagues in the West. Reported Reuters Wednesday. The uncertainty caused by the arrest of a manager Kaspersky, who was arrested for treason. Ruslan would have Stojanov Western services tipped about hackers. Also, two guards of secret service FSB had been arrested.

Reuters spoke to five experts from Western cyber security guards. They have lost contact with their Russian partners. Sometimes the Russians no longer respond, in other cases, decisions Westerners that it is safer for you to not contact. '' Everyone is close beaten, '' said John Bambenek Fidelis. According to Vitali Kremez of Flashpoint can 'even informally sharing information with trusted agents are seen as treason.'

A US Justice employee said: ' Everyone here gets the shivers. We were advances on the books. '' He pointed hence the arrest of a few large digital bank robbers. They would have looted by malware accounts for online banking in other countries.

Many cybercriminals operate from Russia. Their victims and the protection thereof therefore benefit from good cooperation with their Russian colleagues.

Stojanov previously worked at a small security guard, Indrik. Which was acquired in 2012 by Kaspersky. On behalf Indrik he would have shared regularly about Russian hackers with American security guards. They said anonymously to Reuters that Stojanov deliberately said nothing about cyber espionage. That was a big taboo. '' He pointed us to the limits of the danger. He was always super clear: when it comes to the interests of the state, beginning that not even '' said a source.

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