Arrest after attack on policeman

Arrest after attack on policeman

World June 21, 2016 12:45

- French police on Tuesday arrested a man in connection with the murder of policeman Jean-Baptiste Salvaing Jessica Schneider and his wife in their home in a suburb of Paris.

It is possible to know from Larossi Abballa, the Frenchman of Moroccan origin who the 42-year-old Salvaing and his wife last Monday stabbed. Their son survived the kidnapping, which was broadcast live by the offender on Facebook. The attack was claimed by IS.

Against the police, the terrorist said he had responded to the call of the Muslim extremists to 'kill infidels in their homes with their families. 'He also used a kill list. The police had suspected that others had similar plans.
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Besides the arrested are two others under investigation by the police. They would also possible form part of a terrorist organization.

Aballa had been detained in 2013 because he had set up jihad routes to Pakistan.

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