Argentinian submarine 'exploded directly'

World January 12, 2018 08:33

london - The 44 crew members of the missing Argentinian submarine San Juan did not know what happened to them. The submarine exploded in just 40 milliseconds.

This appears from a report from the US Office of Naval Intelligence, the US intelligence service of the Navy.

Navy Lookout, an institute that promotes the British navy, leaked a summary of the report on Twitter.

According to the report, which analyzed acoustical signals from the submarine, the San Juan imploded on November 15- the day the boat went missing- at a depth of 389 meters. The energy that was released in this process corresponded to the explosion of 5,670 kilos of TNT at that depth.

They have not drowned, have experienced no pain. Their death was immediate. 'After the implosion, the boat sank to the seabed.

The cause of the disaster is still unclear. On November 15, the captain reported a short-circuit and smoldering fire in the submarine's battery system via radio contact, which would have resulted from the inflow of sea water into the ventilation system of a battery tank. Then all contact was lost. The Argentinian navy announced on 22 November that it had registered an explosion on that day.

The spokesperson for the Argentinian navy, Enrique Balbi, said in mid-December that he had read the document and took it into account, but that it was only one indication. 'There is nothing definitive. We do not exclude anything. '

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