' Archer abortion clinic came to waiting room '

' Archer abortion clinic came to waiting room '

World November 29, 2015 08:45

- The man who opened fire Friday in an abortion clinic in the US Colorado Springs, did not come beyond the waiting room of the building. That said director Vicki Cowart organization Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains to The New York Times.

In the shooting, three people were killed and nine people wounded. After the first shots were fired, brought an employee patients and staff to a security door at the back of the clinic of Planned Parenthood.

Due to the extensive security measures in the clinic may prevent fell more victims. So possessed employees reportedly bulletproof vests and there would be a "security space" were for emergencies.

Police gunman could overpower after several hours. The officers possessed thereby, according to the newspaper about a secret weapon : with the security cameras they could see in the clinic where the people in the building is stopped. So was obvious when staff and patients could be saved.

The security at abortion clinics were significantly increased in recent months. This happened after anti- abortion activists claim that Planned Parenthood was engaged in the illegal sale of parts of fetuses. The accusation turned out to be incorrect, reported The New York Times.

The motive of the shooter still remains unclear. The ex-wife of the alleged perpetrator Dear Robert stated that he was against abortion during their marriage, but not obsessively talked about. He also would not have been a regular church visitor.

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