Apple testing iPhone with curved screen

Apple testing iPhone with curved screen

Tech November 28, 2016 12:54

- It is possible that the new iPhone model in stores next year, includes a curved display. That reports The Wall Street Journal, citing sources at Apple manufacturer.

Exactly at what would be bent in any way the screen, is not known. Samsung offers models for some time as the Galaxy S6 and S7 Edge Edge wherein the display runs over an edge of the device. LG offers then the Flex, which is bent over the width of the device.

But more important than the transition to a curved screen, the switch to OLED technology would be. This screen technology can be used without backlighting, such as current LCD screens. This allows the appliance can be made thinner.

Apple would currently have ten prototypes in again for the device next year, so it is still possible that the company something else conjures out of the hat. Apple is under pressure to launch an innovative iPhone in 2017. Not only is the iPhone in ten years, also faces the company with declining sales.

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