Apple takes iWork progress

Apple takes iWork progress

Tech October 16, 2015 16:58

- Apple has Microsoft Office competitor iWork taken in hand on all platforms on which the company focuses . On iOS and OS X Pages, Keynote and Numbers made ​​entirely inappropriate for the final versions of the OS and the apps be taken out of the beta phase .

The desktop version of iWork for reasons which include support for Apple-Force Touch technology. With Force Touch Trackpad allows users to access their menus and perform actions by pressing up or down on the trackpad. Furthermore, the three iWork apps now hiding completely compatible with OS X and iOS El Capitan 9. On the Web Pages, Keynote and Numbers are no longer in beta. Incidentally, this does not mean that the web versions of the apps is now changed a lot , but only that they fit Apple and eight stable enough for the general public. has anyway received a minor makeover.

Apple now also used in the web version of the service, the new font San Francisco.

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