Apple sued for wifi assistant

Apple sued for wifi assistant

Tech October 26, 2015 18:08

- IPhone manufacturer Apple in the United States sued by a customer since made ​​these additional costs would have the so-called Wi- assistant. This standard option enabled, the phone will use 4G data traffic when it appears that the wifi connection is poor.

The new option was introduced with the launch of iOS 9 and stands for everyone by default. Unfortunately for those with a limited data plan may be in the paper run as regularly broke on a Wi-Fi network is working.

A couple from the state of California now has therefore filed a lawsuit and hopes other iPhone users join the campaign. The ' victims ' thinking that enough damage was sustained to justify a fee of $ 5 million.

According to prosecutors, Apple did not explain well the new feature. Only after it was reported in the media, the company took a brief explanation online. The couple did, however, leave it.

The judge must now give consent or the case indeed called class action status can get.

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