Apple strictly Dwayne Johnson for Siri advertising

Apple strictly Dwayne Johnson for Siri advertising

Tech July 24, 2017 12:15

cupertino - It seemed that Apple Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson had been striking for a movie, but it turned out to be an advertising stunt. The tree-long actor is starring in the latest commercial for the iPhone 7, in which speech assistant Siri is highlighted.

Johnson wrote on Twitter last week that he had made Apple the biggest, coolest, crazy, fat and hilarious movie ever. It promptly produced all kinds of rumors. Thus, it was suggested that Apple with Johnson worked on unique content for a new video service. A few hours after his tweet, Johnson gave text and explanation. He plays in an advertisement by the tech giant.

The commercial is now on YouTube. In the video, The Rock fills his day with the most awesome adventures. Apple's speech assistant Siri helps him. For Apple, it's very important to make Siri succeed. Later this year, the company brings the smart HomePod speaker to the market. The device is largely dependent on Siri.

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