Apple Releases iOS update after spyware attack

Apple Releases iOS update after spyware attack

Tech August 26, 2016 08:15

- Apple on Thursday released an update for iOS. The update addresses a number of vulnerabilities that recently came to light when human rights activist Ahmed Mansoor from the United Arab Emirates was approached by a message with a link.

Mansoor trusted the message he received from an unknown number not Motherboard writes. He sent it to researcher Bill Marczak of Canadian Citizen Lab. Who discovered that the malware where the message led to no less than three critical vulnerabilities exploited in iOS. The attackers could gain complete control over Mansoors iPhone. Marczak and his colleagues warned Apple to quickly composed the leak. Who the attackers were not known, but it is likely that the UAE government.

The spyware used supplier is a small Israeli company NSO. The researchers were next Citizen Lab also those of security company Lookout impressed. Never before has such an attack was found 'in the wild'. However, the spyware used was traced to an attack on a Mexican journalist.
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The leaks were used since iOS 7 operating system. The NSO clients have thus able to hack iPhones up to three years.

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