Apple patents panic mode

Apple patents panic mode

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Tech November 5, 2015 17:15

- Apple is working on a possible new role for iPhones. The American company has patented recorded on a special mode for emergencies. Using the fingerprint scanner function can be activated, so is to read the description .

The mode appears to be intended for unpleasant situations, such as when someone is in need, is experiencing an accident or being robbed. The user of the iPhone itself must pre- select which finger he wants to use to start the panic mode via the fingerprint scanner.

In a panic mode are protected personal data. It is also possible to create pictures of what is happening, and to send for example the police. Who is hurt and the phone may not operate properly, it can tell the microphone what is going on. The phone can open certain apps directly when someone with his finger panic ' phone unlocks.

Apple has been known to request all kinds of different patents. The inventions are not always effectively reflected in the design of new devices.

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