Apple is fully committed to augmented reality

Apple is fully committed to augmented reality

Tech March 20, 2017 15:48

cupertino - It's no secret that Apple CEO Tim Cook high expectations of augmented reality. According to Bloomberg, Apple is 'the nephew of virtual reality plenty implement in the next iPhone. The tech giant is working on a smart glasses, similar to Google Glass.

Where virtual reality the user to craft an alternative world, augmented reality puts an extra layer of information about the real world. For example, anyone wearing smart glasses, get additional information on objects that pass through the glasses. So you can see when people left for their various Internet profiles and get to see a movie in a newspaper article. These techniques have been around for a few years the Dutch Layar app.

How Apple augmented reality precisely in will process new iPhone is still a great mystery. Probably the company tells something about only in September. The new iPhone will be launched. What is already clear is that the company has rigged a complete team for the development of augmented reality.

Cook has always been very clear in interviews about what he does and where he sees no bread. So he finds virtual reality, as opposed to augmented reality, totally not interesting for the general public.

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