Apple does not merge Mac and iPad

Apple does not merge Mac and iPad

Tech November 16, 2015 13:15

- Apple is not going to bring together the Mac and iPad to run in one device. Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, thinks that consumers there also no waiting for. His company sees a future in both products.

" We did not feel that our customers a combination of a Mac and an iPad like ", Cook said in an interview with Independent. ie. " We are afraid that this would lead to a poorer user experience. We want to make the best tablet and the best Mac. If you would merge succeeds neither. You would have to compromise in various ways. " The CEO suggested last week at the presentation of the iPad Pro, with a 12.9 inch screen, Apple's biggest tablet until now that PCs have have had their day. " Why would you still buy a PC ", Cook wondered ?. " No really, why would you want to ? " But he meant by that remark on the Mac, but only on Windows PCs.

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