Apple buys sleeper tracker Beddit

Apple buys sleeper tracker Beddit

Tech May 10, 2017 11:48

cupertino - Apple has bought the Finnish company Beddit. That revealed the Financial Times when Beddit, who makes a sleeper tracker, adapted his privacy policy this week and mentioned the acquisition. How much Apple paid for the company is unclear.

Beddit is the Beddit 3 maker. You can lay that sleeper tracker on your mattress and keep an eye on your sleep quality, heart rate, breathing and snoring behavior. The 149.95 euro device is sold in the Apple Store.

It is unclear what Apple with Beddit intends. Different rumors indicate sleeptracking as a new feature in watchOS 4, the new version of the Apple Watch operating system that will be released this summer. Also, it could be about purchasing talent or is Apple interested in the data that Beddit recovers.

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