Apple also works on special ai-chip

Apple also works on special ai-chip

Tech May 29, 2017 08:18

cupertino - Apple is working on a specialized chip for artificial intelligence applications. That message Bloomberg on Friday based on a source who knows the techreus plans. The chip, known internally as Apple Neural Engine, must perform the ai tasks like face recognition and speech recognition more efficiently.

The new chip is intended to be used in many Apple products. Businesses like augmented reality and self-propelled cars, two areas where Apple is interested, lean heavily on ai. Whether the chips, which have been tested in iPhone prototypes, are still ready this year is not clear.

Apple would not be the first company with its own AI chip. Qualcomm's latest Snapdragon chip, running many Android phones, has a separate module for ai tasks. Google already announced an ai chip in its own data center in 2016. During the I / O conference earlier this month, a successor to this Tensor Processing Unit was announced, which is now also available to Google Cloud Service customers. Chipmaker Nvidia has a similar chip for cloud clients.

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