App warns of danger at sea

App warns of danger at sea

Tech January 2, 2017 06:57

- An app that warns swimmers of dangerous currents at the beach. The rescue Egmond works there on, after two teenagers last summer were drowned.

The two victims were caught in a mui. That is a trench in the sand on the seashore. If the water flows away at low tide, dangerous currents that may arise. Who is gripped by such a flow, to escape difficult about it. With the app '' You can see when and where a mui will flow, '' Edwin Buis said the rescue team in Egmond at the regional broadcasting NH.

The app might also be used for lost and found children. The rescue team will further consider whether drones can help with a camera. All in the hope that accidents are history. 'It will soon be the intention that it is almost impossible not to know what a mui '' says Post.

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