Anorexia patient (13) receives gavage in trachea and suffocates

World November 21, 2017 10:06

ghent - A Ghent hospital must pay € 264,000 in damages and penalties for the 'unintentional killing' of the 13-year-old anorexia patient Liselotte. The girl died in May 2011 after nutritionally placed gastric tube in her lungs.

The food probe was placed in the trachea instead of in the esophagus, reports Het Nieuwsblad. The error was noticed too late by medical staff, the girl suffocated and died ten days later.

The hospital defended itself by stating that Liselotte would have moved the probe itself. The court does not take part in that, it turned out Tuesday. 'The probe was certainly in the lung. The hypothesis that the victim himself manipulated the probe has not been proven, 'said the chairman of the court according to HLN. 'It is plainly dramatic. The fact that such a routine treatment can go wrong is inconceivable. The victim's family will carry this with them forever. '

'No sum can ever compensate for the loss of Liselotte,' said the family lawyer.

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