Anger in Hamburg is growing

Anger in Hamburg is growing

World July 8, 2017 11:42

hamburg - In the Hamburg district of Schanzenviertel where there were looting in the night of Friday on Saturday, rage among inhabitants grows over the slow police performance.

There are thousands of agents in Hamburg, 'but where was the police last night?', District citizen Jurgen Boos (74) asks himself indignantly. He stands for a shop that has been plundered. The store stock is dotted over the floor. The ravage is huge.

'Was there a police helicopter in the sky who should have seen what was going on? We called the emergency number, but it took hours before intervention was taken, 'Jurgen said. His wife Adriana Heyder-Boos tells her that they saw maiden yesterday entering their apartment complex. Luckily nothing was stolen, she sighed. 'I was very scared. These are just criminals. '

Also, resident Corina Willfully will join the riots yesterday. She would like to walk in a demonstration against the riders, she tells. The German is furious. 'This morning a group of young people laughed at the ravage they had done. I entered a house and told them that they were 'scheisse'. Then I was thrown out. 'Corina has no good word for police action. 'They were bottled and did nothing at all! How is that possible?'

Several shops in the street have been plundered. A security guard keeps the guard at a small neighborhood suits that has been emptied. Holger M├╝tze (54) stands for the Jesus Center, a Christian shelter for homeless and refugees. The glass in his door is also digging. He was in the building yesterday when a relschopper threw the stone through the door. 'The relschopper begged me to hurry and threw the stone in,' says the helper. 'It was very frightening. Especially his eyes were very scary to see, while the young people were so friendly in the afternoon- when they were not wearing masks. '

Holger does not realize that the vandals had been funded in his center, precisely because they arose for the weaker in society. 'Our billboard was lit at night. As a result, some riders who initially wanted to throw a stone and saw our plate were walking. 'The sympathetic counselor silences just as emotionally. 'We prayed last night that violence would happen. 'Yet he finds that his prayer has been heard. 'The violence could have been even worse, it's a miracle that no dead have fallen. '

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