Anger at Auschwitz bus

Anger at Auschwitz bus

World August 18, 2016 22:33

- PraagEen Czech bus company has had angered several Jewish organizations in the neck, by continuing to casually driving around with a bus on which images of Auschwitz were made.

The bus advertises as the notorious death camp as an attractive holiday destination, 'Come to Auschwitz- a journey through emotions,' reports the Daily Mail.

The bus is the famous sign reading 'Arbeit Macht Frei', but there is also a picture with casualties on the side of the bus.
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     'Silver should not chase Schippers'
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The bus ever played a role in a satirical film about the tourist business on the Polish extermination camp. Several survivors of Auschwitz victims have reacted angrily, and directuer Leo Pavlat of the Prague Jewish Museum.

The current owner of the bus wants nothing of the bus refinishing know. Refinishing is too expensive: 'I use that bus and I need to somehow make money. Stickers removal destroys the coating. '

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