Anger advertising Italian restaurant

Anger advertising Italian restaurant

World July 19, 2016 19:57

albuquerque - By bring in deadly police violence in the US and the death of two black Americans still fresh in memory, thought an Italian restaurant in New Mexico new customers with a catchy advertising slogan hordes. But that was different.

The owner of the shop said on its billboard: 'Black Olives Matter', or 'Black olives do matter. 'The man thus refers to the 'Black Lives Matter movement' which was created in 2013 after the African-American George Zimmerman was killed by a police bullet. The group raises since then are slain against police violence in which black Americans.

The Italian restaurant was on Facebook a wave of criticism over her. The owner of the business eventually gave way under the pressure and removed the billboard. Yet he himself remains behind his creative splurge 'stand. 'It seems like everyone these days is to insult the slightest. '
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