Anger about sex behind the wheel

World December 7, 2017 10:18

jujuy - Weird images from Argentina where a couple was filmed while driving on the highway to the sexes. At the peak of the ride the man drove a fat 110 kilometers per hour.

The moment the couple realized that they had been caught and filmed, they did not stop, but a middle finger was raised.

At that moment the man has one hand on the steering wheel, the other in the hair of the woman sitting on his lap.

The car was already noticed because the lights flashed. Probably the woman had pushed it.

Argentines really can not laugh at the video. In the country where 22 road fatalities occur every day, anger has been reacted. With the newspaper Notinor, who published the video, readers write that it is a 'brainless action'.

The images were shot on highway 9, an important link that connects Beunos Aires with the Bolivian border.

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