And that's 20!

And that's 20!

World September 21, 2017 11:39

london - The largest family in England is a child richer again. This week Archie was born, and he is number twenty!

'Probably we propose our latest acquisition,' write Sue and Noel Radford on their Facebook page.

Archie Rowan Radford is the eleventh son of the family. And then there are Chris (28), Sophie (23), Chloe (22), Jack (20), Daniel (18), Luke and Millie (16), Katie (14), James (13), Ellie), Aimee (11), Josh (10), Max (8), Tillie (7), Oscar (5), Casper (4), Hallie (2) and Phoebe (13 months). Also, son of Alfie is counted. He died three years ago after 23 weeks of pregnancy.

With the birth of Archie, the productive family stops. The 42-year-old Sue finds the health risks too high. In addition, it is becoming increasingly difficult to invent a name. Spouse Noel (46) is not completely overtaken. He feels little for a 'knot to put'.

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In addition, the care of the children is mainly on the shoulders of mother. Noel leaves 5 o'clock in the morning to work in a bakery, to go home only eleven hours later. Sue turns nine daily in the meantime daily. And, of course, the groceries can not be dragged. Every day there are eighteen packs of milk, three liters of juice and three boxes of cereal.

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