Ancient and rich men populate government Trump

Ancient and rich men populate government Trump

World December 2, 2016 10:36

- Virtually all key ministers and advisers that Donald Trump (70) and vice president Mike Pence (57) started from January 20, are known. It is a team of among others former military and successful businessmen. There have been appointed so far only two women.

The upcoming presidential dubbing still the crucial post of Foreign Affairs. Daarover he talks with three candidates: former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani (72), former CIA chief David Patraeus (64) and Mitt Romney, the 69-year-old businessman and politician who in 2008 presidentsverkiezingen Obama lost.

The strategic defense post is attributed to the former General James Mattis (66), a recognized ijzervreter known for its harsh language and mistrust Iran. Senator Jeff Sessions (69), 'a legal spirit world' according to Trump, may be leading Justice.

Trade is in the experienced hands of Wilbur Ross (79), an investor with billions in his bank account. Ross rescued Trump in the past bankruptcies. On Finance is 'youngster' Steven Mnuchin (53) sit, a former banker at Goldman Sachs, who later invested his millions in successful film projects.

The first woman who received a ministerial post is Elaine Chao (63). She comes to the Transportation Department. She was previously minister. Under George Bush they did Labor. The 65-year-old Ben Carson, a former surgeon, the minister for Housing and Urban Development. Another former surgeon Tom Price (62) can take his professional background to Health, where he will analyze the Obamacare. Betsy DeVos (58) will lead Education.

Except for ministerial posts are forgiven some very strategic laps. An important item is the female governor of South Carolina. The only 44-year-old Nikki Haley is ambassador to the United Nations. Reince Priebus (44) will often be seen in the vicinity of the president's. He is the chief of staff of the White House. The new national security adviser Michael Flynn (58) will often put the building on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington. He is the new national security adviser. He began his political career as a Democrat, incidentally.\n  \n  \n   advertisement

Also, Mike Pompeo (53) gets a crucial job. He is chief of the CIA. The 63-year-old Steve Bannon led the campaign for Trump. He did so well that his boss has rewarded him with a job as a close advisor. The impact of this businessman is commonly called 'great'.

Open ministerial posts include Energy, Environment, Agriculture, Homeland Security and Labor.

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