Americans fight zika bird's

Americans fight zika bird's

World August 5, 2016 06:09

- To zikavirus to suppress, the authorities are in the US state of Florida mosquito that spreads the virus since Thursday from the air. The area near the city of Miami where the virus has been detected, is sprayed with an insecticide.

By reach places spray from the air are where vehicles or people on the ground can not reach. Target of the action is the Aedes aegypti. Gnat which has so far where known fifteen people infected with zika.

The virus is probably especially dangerous for unborn babies. They may get microcephaly, a condition that leads to a too small skull and lagging development of the brains. Who is pregnant, the area in Miami can better avoid the health authorities advise.
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The fight against the virus, moreover, is likely to get into trouble by lack of money. President Barack Obama warned Thursday that the end is in sight. He called on Congress to rest on political differences and have the budget to increase offer zika head. Obama wants to nearly $ 2 billion to pull out, for example, to promote the development of a vaccine, but it takes dominated by the Republican Congress, but no decision.

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