American mother marries son and daughter

World November 12, 2017 06:03

duncan - In the US state of Oklahoma, a case goes against a 44-year-old woman for fraud and incest. Indeed, the wife was married to her son and daughter in the past.

The mother had convinced her daughter at the beginning of 2016 to marry and that such a thing is completely legal. Half a year later, both women were arrested and sued because of an incestuous relationship when the daughter wanted to undo the marriage. The 26-year-old daughter known to be guilty of this week. The case against the mother is still ongoing.

The 44-year-old woman also has two sons. She had already lost the guardianship but had contact with her only daughter for a few years. The mother thought that marriage would not be forbidden because her name was no longer on her daughter's papers. She also changed her own last name.

From court documents it appears that the mother was married in 2008 with her eighteen-year-old son. In 2010, the son released the marriage with incest as a reason.

The judge denies the 44-year-old mother 'forcing fraud' with her daughter. Because of the incestant marriages, the mother has to appear again in January.

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