AirPods Apple delayed again

AirPods Apple delayed again

Tech December 12, 2016 09:42

- Months ago they were announced with much fanfare: Apple AirPods. But they are still not available. Three months later, Apple lacks even the all-important holiday season. The earbuds appear to pose a problem for the tech giant from Cupertino, the Wall Street Journal reports citing sources involved in the development of wireless headphones.

Earlier, Apple announced that the production was delayed because the earplugs were 'not yet finished '. The chip that Apple made special designs it is not; which is already used in other products. It appears, according to the WSJ, that there are problems with the way in which the stoppers receive the signal.

Normally, one of the earplugs will receive the Bluetooth-signal, after which it is passed to the other cap. The new AirPods receive each signal. And there seems to be the problem: the caps should play the sound synchronously. Moreover, Apple should find a solution to the situation in which the battery of a cap is empty or when a cap is lost. A further challenge is that the user's voice must be collected and the background noise to be filtered. That also appears to be less simple than expected.

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