Airmail in your backyard

Airmail in your backyard

Tech July 9, 2016 12:27

amsterdam - Postal Company Sandd test a new type of airmail using drones. Since it is illegal in the Netherlands to use the mini-helicopters for commercial vehicles, is considered them to use in emergencies.

Sandd CEO Ronald van de Laar called it unfair that police and aviation claiming the use of the airspace over our country exclusively.

,, They want that situation to keep it and perform well there for a heavy lobbying. While we are able with new technology to achieve an enormous amount of time with drones safely and efficiently. '
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Sandd currently makes test flights, with one in collaboration with Delft Dynamics developed drone, which packs up to four kilos can deliver in inaccessible areas. If necessary, the consignment from the air shed with a small parachute.

A larger box with capacity for transport of ten kilos is still under development. The company plans to use the drones for the time being transported, for example, medicines or blood for blood transfusions in accidents or other emergencies that require quick transportation.

Major drawback is that a drone can not fly out of sight of a pilot in our country, while technically it is possible to let the flight take place fully automatically.

In Germany presented DHL deliveries beginning this year, the deployment of a post-drone. That was not a success: the very first flight was canceled. It was snowing hard.

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