Agent 'warns' family with police information

Agent 'warns' family with police information

World September 6, 2016 15:00

arnhem - An agent searched in the police system of suspects to information about people who went about his partner and daughters. He then shared that information with family and friends to 'warn' them. It was about drug use, domestic violence and stalking.

The 52-year-old suspect has since lost his job, but he had Tuesday in court in Almelo appear for violation of professional secrecy. He heard a suspended sentence of four weeks and 120 hours community work for themselves requirements.

The grass dunes in the police system was done in accordance with justice between January 2014 and August last year. Suspect,, is confident that the company must have in him, ashamed, '' the officer said.
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At the sentencing officer kept the note that the man has a criminal record, is itself contacting relief sought, and his job is thus lost to the police.

Ruling September 20th.

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